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Ingredients #1 - Natural fragrances

Ingredients #1 - Natural fragrances
Sunday 03, 2016

We believe in sourcing the finest natural and organic ingredients for all our products. Natural fragrance has been at the forefront in developing our beauty products, that not only work well, but smell gorgeous, too. 

Working your way through lists of perfume ingredients is a minefield. Synthetic fragrances, alongside synthetic colours are common causes of skin allergies and sensitivities, and many contain nearly 2000 chemicals, in just the scent itself.

So, forget the synthetic body sprays, air fresheners, lotions and bubble baths and opt for naturally-scented floral waters, candles, lotions and body cleansers instead. What's more, your pet, with it's ultra sensitive nose, can suffer badly from synthetic highly fragranced products, including perfumed dog washes, plug-in air fresheners and coat deodorisers.  

Pure Light Botanics use only the purest, therapeutic-grade essential oils to fragrance our award-winning products - from candles to shower gel and dog shampoos - which are proven to have wonderful mood-boosting properties and health benefits - our unique blends of oils smell amazing naturally. 

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